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  1. The iliac crest has a large amount of red bone marrow, and thus it is the site of bone marrow harvests (from both sides) to collect the stem cells used in bone marrow transplantation. The iliac crest is also considered the most ideal donor site for bone grafting when a large quantity of bone is needed. For example, oral and maxillofacial surgeons will often use iliac crest bone to fill in large osseous defects of the oral cavity caused by severe periodontal disease, excess bone.
  2. Englisch: iliac crest. 1 Definition. Als Crista iliaca wird der freie kraniale Rand der Darmbeinschaufel (Ala ossis illii) des Darmbeins (Os ilium) bezeichnet. 2 Anatomie. Die Crista iliaca erstreckt sich von der Spina iliaca anterior superior (vorderes Ende) bis zur Spina iliaca posterior superior (hinteres Ende)
  3. Anatomy of the Iliac Crest Synonyms. Anatomy. The iliac crest is the upper border of the wing of the ilium, the outer and upper margin of the pelvic girdle. The Iliac Crest Bone Marrow and Bone Grafts. When a bone marrow biopsy or harvest for donation is needed, the iliac... Hip Pointer Injury to.
  4. Iliac Crest and Gender Binary-The iliac crest—also called the ilium or hip bones—is a portion of the pelvic region that can provide insight as to one's age or gender. In this novel, the narrator focuses heavily on the hip bones of the False One. At the end of the novel, he states that if the women had paid attention to his hip bones, they would have guessed his secret. This all leads into the themes of the gender binary prevalent throughout the novel. Multiple times, the.
  5. Iliac Crest. The iliac crest is the curved superior border of the ilium, the largest of the three bones that merge to form the os coxa, or hip bone. It is located on the superior and lateral edge of the ilium very close to the surface of the skin in the hip region
  6. A S-shaped incision is used starting at the superior border of the iliac crest (with the assistant pulling the overlying skin medially, thereby, end result of surgical scar will be resting laterally on bone edge in avoiding long term abrasion irritation of clothing), curving medially through the anterior superior iliac spine and curving inferiorly through the midpoint of the inguinal ligament
  7. The iliac crest is the area where arching bones sit on either side of your pelvis. They look somewhat like wings and extend to your hips and lower back. The iliac crest bones are attached to your..

The operation was performed under general anesthetic and consisted of three stages: in the first stage we removed the bone from the medial face of the iliac crest (21) (Fig.7), taking the amount of cortical-spongy bone indicated by the bar of resin plus a certain amount of spongy bone for the sinus lifts med. iliac crest puncture: Beckenkammpunktion {f} anat. iliac crest [Crista iliaca] Beckenkamm {m} anat. iliac crest [Crista iliaca] Darmbeinkamm {m} anat. apophysis of the iliac crest: Beckenkammapophyse {f} Teilweise Übereinstimmung: anat. iliac {adj} iliakal: med. iliac horns: Beckenhörner {pl} med. iliac artery occlusion: Beckenarterienverschluss {m} med. iliac horn syndrom Filling of bone or resection defects after osteotomy or bone harvesting, e.g., in the proximal tibia, distal femur, the iliac crest, and generally for arthrodeses The iliac crest is the top part of your hip bone and is connected by various nerves, tendons, and muscles. Any inflammation or damage to the ilium (the uppermost and largest part of the hip bone) or the muscles around the hip bone will result in iliac crest pain that can be very sharp and severe Methods: A nephrologist already trained in performing iliac crest biopsy initiated the creation of a fluoroscopy-based iliac crest biopsy program. Two interventional radiologists underwent a short training. Patients' demographical, clinical and biochemical data were collected on the day of the biopsy. Complications within the first three months after the procedure were collected from.

Iliac crest syndrome, sometimes called the iliac crest pain syndrome, is a disorder characterized by recurrent lower back pain. The pain may occur particularly after exercise, or after sitting or standing in a particular position for a long time. Another symptom that is commonly observed with this syndrome is one iliac bone crest being lower than the other. The root cause is often an inflamed. The iliac crest is the most prominent and the biggest bone of the pelvis. It is curved and concave in front, convex in the back and rounding inwards as well as rounding outwards. It is the superior border of the ilium wing and the superolateral boundary of the greater pelvis

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Iliac crest pain is any inflammation or damage to the ilium or muscle around the hipbone that leads to pain. This pain can be sharp and severe. Our hipbone is made up of three bones: ilium. The iliac crest is the most prominent part of the ilium, the largest of the three bones that make up the bony pelvis or hip bone. It is the curved part at the top of the hop that sits close to the.. Iliac Crest Pelvis MR Atlas. The lymphatics are the most lateral structures at the entrance to the femoral triangle. The sartorius... CONVENTIONAL WORKHORSE FLAPS. Elisabeth K. Beahm, The iliac crest is probably most commonly used for mandibular... Biologic Options in Interbody Fusion..

The iliac crest is the ilium's top border, the largest of the three bones that make up the pelvis. The ilium bone has two parts: the body and the wing. To feel your ilium crest, put your hand on. geistlich.com. The operation was performed under general anesthetic and consisted of three stages: in the first stage we removed the bone from the medial face of the iliac crest (21) (Fig.7), taking the amount of cortical-spongy bone indicated by the bar of resin plus a certain amount of spongy bone for the sinus lifts

The iliac crest is the most significant part of three bones that make up our hip bone, also called the bony pelvis. This part is located at the top of the hip bone and has a wing-like shape. Pain in the iliac crest can go up to the back, abdomen, or groin as many nerves and muscles in these areas are connected to the pelvis. In other words, pain in the iliac crest area may radiate to other. The iliac crest is the curved ridge on top of the pelvic bone. It forms the prominent bone of the hip. The iliac bone crest is the topmost edge of the ilium, among three combined bones, the ilium, the ischium, and the pubis, that all together make up the pelvis

Some authors have suggested that the iliac crest as donor site produce an unacceptably high degree of postoperative morbidity such as pain, functional disorders, hemorrhage, visible scar, contour deformity and sensory loss.2 The ilium is still the first choice donor site and should not be rejected solely because of concerns regarding postoperative morbidity Iliac crest pain. is not that common in the general population, but it is frequent in older individuals, runners (and athletes in general), lower back pain sufferers. But that doesn`t mean regular people like you and me can`t experience it from time to time! The pain is usually sudden, sharp and varies in intensity; it can be felt along the iliac crest, but it can also extend all the. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Iliac Crest sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Iliac Crest in höchster Qualität

Iliac crest contusion or hip pointer injury may be inflicted by a collision, a bad fall impacting the iliac crest, or a direct hit to the pelvis or hip bone. This injury causes damage to the blood vessels, which may bleed into nearby tissue and cause skin discoloration (bruise). Iliac crest contusion may also cause intense pain Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für iliac crest im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch)

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  1. Common medical treatment for iliac crest pain are: Anti-inflammatory medication Injections to the affected area Physical therapy Electrical stimulation Range of motion exercises or Surger
  2. Iliac crest bone block techniques in contemporary practice are safe and effective in the short-term (< 4 years) follow-up for the management of anterior shoulder instability with substantial glenoid bone deficiency. However, further studies of higher quality and longer follow-up are required to e
  3. Iliac crest - animation05 (Right hip bone).gif 360 × 360; 1.89 MB Iliac crest 01 - anterior view.png 1,125 × 1,125; 203 KB Iliac crest 01 - lateral view.png 1,125 × 1,125; 127 K
  4. Der Iliac Crest - Knochenmark und Knochentransplantate. Wenn eine Knochenmarkbiopsie oder Ernte für die Spende erforderlich ist, ist der Beckenkamm, wo Ärzte lieber für rotes Knochenmark gehen. Es ist leicht zu finden und hat eine große Menge an Knochenmark. Es ist auch eine Stelle, die verwendet wird, um Knochen zum Pfropfen zu ernten. Wenn Ärzte eine Lumbalpunktion (Lumbalpunktion) für Zerebrospinalflüssigkeit durchführen müssen, lokalisieren sie zuerst den Beckenkamm, da dies.
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The top of the iliac crests also marks the level of the fourth lumbar vertebral body (L4), above or below which lumbar puncture may be performed. How does iliac crest feel? You can feel the iliac crest by pushing your hands on your sides at your waist, feeling for the bone and following it down and to the front Hip Bone Series Part Iliac crest pain is normally a frequent disorder primarily occurring in persons of the older generation especially, runners and athletes. The disease seems to affect people already suffering from lower back pain. However, the iliac crest pain may also affect people belonging to all age groups. The pain is sharp and set to occur with severe intensity accompanied by rapid fluctuations Injuries to the iliac crest apophysis are relatively uncommon. These injuries are generally due to overuse, rather than caused by an acute trauma. The iliac apophysis develops anteriorly and then ossifies from anterior to posterior as a patient progresses towards skeletal maturity Iliac Crest is the arched natural elevation over the pelvic bone. It acts as the main hip bone. It is the biggest of the three bones in the pelvis. Iliac Crest is pronounced as Il-ee-aak Cray-st

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Medical treatment options for iliac crest pain include: Range of motion exercises (ROM) done by the individual to help in toning and relaxing the muscles. Such exercises can... Using anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, and aspirins helps in alleviating pain and reducing inflammation on the... If. This study aimed to investigate the long-term clinical results of the apatite wollastonite-containing glass ceramic (AWGC) iliac spacer and to discuss its efficacy in reconstruction of the bone graft donor site at the iliac crest. Thirty-one patients were studied for more than 10 years. All patients underwent anterior spinal fusion using autogenous tricortical iliac bone graft. After harvest of tricortical iliac bone graft, an AWGC iliac spacer ranging from 15 mm to 70 mm in length was press.

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iliac crest (as shown at left). Debride the soft tissue over the crest to bone. 2 Insert the graft impaction bar into the harvester handle to advance the spiked collared pin from the cutting tip of the harvester. Place the harvester on the exposed bone site and secure the spiked collared pin into the bone by impacting the impaction bar The iliac crest is the margin of the ileum. It is a curved, broad structure made to protect the insides of the pelvic region. It serves as an attachment of muscles, aponeurosis, and fascia of the nearby structures [ 1 ] In a retrospective review of 414 consecutive cases of iliac crest bone graft procedures performed at Brooke Army Medical Center from 1983 to 1993, 41 (10%) minor and 24 (5.8%) major complications were identified. Minor complications included superficial infections, superficial seromas, and minor hematomas. Major complications included herniation of abdominal contents through massive bone graft.

The iliac crest segment should be slightly larger than the graft. Hemostasis: Heavy bleeding, especially from the cancellous bone, requires meticulous hemostasis. This can be accomplished with bone wax and suction drainage (see above). Donor cavities are packed with blood-soaked fibrin foam or similar material. Blood loss in excess of 500 mL is not unusual. Wound closure: The wound should be. The iliac tubercle is located approximately 5 cm (2 in) posterior to the anterior superior iliac spine on the iliac crest in humans. The transverse plane that includes each of the tubercles is called the transtubercular plane. The origin of the iliotibial tract is the iliac tubercle. The iliac tubercle is also the widest point of the iliac crest, and lies at the level of the L5 spinous process Q: Hip Aches - Iliac Crest: I have been running for about 8 months now and have worked my way up to five mile jogs from half mile jogs back in January. For the last month or so my hips (the top.

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  1. ILIAC CREST BONE GRAFT (Adult, Peds) 1 I. Definition This procedure will take place when a patient has need for bone graft for spinal surgery. This is the most common site for autologous bone graft. This procedure is to allow the Advanced Health Practitioner (AHP) to safely perform an iliac crest bone graft. II. Background Information A. Setting
  2. Iliac crest apophysitis should be differentiated from avascular necrosis (also known as a Mouchet-Sorrel-Stefani syndrome) because inflammation is the main pathogenetic mechanism
  3. The anterior superior iliac spine (abbreviated: ASIS) is a bony projection of the iliac bone and an important landmark of surface anatomy. It refers to the anterior extremity of the iliac crest of the pelvis, which provides attachment for the inguinal ligament, and the sartorius muscle
  4. Find the perfect Iliac Crest stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Iliac Crest of the highest quality

Many translated example sentences containing iliac crest - French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations Fracture lines that extend to the iliac crest may be stabilized with 3.5 mm interfragmentary lag screws. These screws are placed in an intramedullary fashion between the inner and outer table of the ilium. Depending on the fracture pattern, a combination of intramedullary screws and plates may be used. Another method of fixation is a long intramedullary lag screw that is placed from the. Free-flap iliac crest in mandibular reconstruction following segmental mandibulectomy for squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity | springermedizin.de Skip to main conten

Übersetzung Englisch-Italienisch für iliac crest im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion The Risser classification is used to grade skeletal maturity based on the level of ossification and fusion of the iliac crest apophyses.It is primarily in planning corrective surgery for scoliosis.. Classification. stage 0: no ossification center at the level of iliac crest apophysis stage 1: apophysis under 25% of the iliac crest stage 2: apophysis over 25-50% of the iliac crest Iliac Apophysitis. What is iliac apophysitis? Is a temporary condition of the iliac crest and pelvis characterized by inflammation of the growth plate, and occasionally the muscle will pull the bone away from the growth plate. Fast facts: Occurs in skeletally immature patients between the ages of 12 and 18. Higher risk for those with tight hip and thigh muscles. The pelvic bone has many. iliac crest apophysis, as demonstrated by comparison of initial and final radiographs and complete resolution of symptoms on clinical examination. Time between initiation of the bone stimulator and most recent follow-up was 17 and 14 weeks, respectively. Although the mechanism of injury in iliac apophysitis is uncertain, it is thought that the condition may arise as a result of subclinical. The iliac crest has a large amount of red bone marrow, and thus it is the site of bone marrow harvests (from both sides) to collect the stem cells used in bone marrow transplantation. The iliac crest is also considered the most ideal donor site for bone grafting when a large quantity of bone is needed. For example, oral and maxillofacial surgeons will often use iliac crest bone to fill in.

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  1. iliac crest [ANAT.] der Beckenkamm Pl.: die Beckenkämme wiss.: Crista iliaca. iliac spine [ANAT.] iliac bone [MED.] iliac muscle [ANAT.] iliac region [ANAT.] iliac vein [ANAT.] iliac crest puncture [MED.
  2. Iliac crest refers to the part at the top of the hip that lies close to the skin and forms the wing-shaped part of the pelvis on which a person will sometimes rest their hands. Iliac crest pain may also spread to other parts of the body, including the groin, back, and abdomen. The area where the pain is felt depends on the underlying cause. Southern California Hip Institute (SCHI), led by.
  3. Autologous bone harvesting from the anterior iliac crest represents the gold standard harvesting technique. It allows the harvesting of cancellous bone, corticocancellous bone strips, or even.
  4. Iliac crest definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now
  5. iliac crest (anatomisch/Hüftknochen - anatomical/hipbone
  6. Find iliac crest stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day

iliac definition: 1. relating to the ilium (= the widest of the three bones that form the pelvis): 2. relating to. Learn more Marrow Cellution Iliac Crest Aspiration bartlett 2018-12-19T12:15:41-05:00. Project Description. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION; COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES; ORDERING INFORMATION; PRODUCT DESCRIPTION; Product Description. The Marrow Cellution™ bone marrow aspiration device uses its patent(s) pending technology to harvest high quality stem & progenitor cells from various levels within the marrow space all.

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Abstract. Although several donor sites are available for maxillofacial bone reconstruction, the use of iliac crest bone grafts, either with spongiosa or bone blocks, is still one of the main choices in the clinical treatment, especially if a large amount of bone is required to correct severe bone defect of the jaw The intention of mandibular reconstructive surgery is to achieve maximum possible functionality, which means the restoration of masticatory function and speech with a good esthetic result. We compared five computer-assisted mandibular reconstructions with 15 conventional mandibular reconstructions performed using vascularized iliac crest bone grafts The Iliac crest is often a good location from which to harvest bone for dental bone grafts. The Iliac crest also has medical implications, as both the latissimus dorsi and gluteus maximus originate in this area. These major muscles can cause pain or discomfort in the iliac crest due to strain, injury, or tension. Issues with these muscles or with the Iliac crest itself may become obvious when an individual experiences pain after sitting The Iliac Crest. The following is from Cristina Rivera Garza's novel, The Iliac Crest. An existential gothic tale about the high stakes of understanding the self. Rivera Garza's plays with the literary and political histories of Mexico, the importance of queer visibility. Garza is the award-winning author of six novels, three collections of short.

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  1. The iliac crest is the upper curved portion of each side of the ilium. A large surface area makes the ilium a favorable site for harvesting bone to be used for an iliac crest graft. Bone harvested from the ilium is rich in growth factors and cells that stimulate bone growth
  2. imally invasive LTIF accomplished. Anteroposterior fluoroscopic images were obtained before and after the osteotomies. The angle between the working instrument and the superior L-5 endplate was measured, as were craniocaudal displacement and the resected iliac area.
  3. Conclusion:Iliac crest autograft utilized for single or multilevel ACDF is associated with the highest fusion, lowest complication rates, and significantly lower costs compared with allograft, cages, PEEK, or other grafts. As spinal surgeons and institutions become more cost conscious, we will have to account for the value added of these increasingly expensive graft constructs. Keywords.
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Along with the tibia, fibula, scapula, and ribs, the iliac crest is among the most common donor sites for autogenous bone. It can furnish extremely large grafts, which are usually taken in the form of compound or composite flaps that include soft-tissue elements (see Fig. 14.2) The iliac crest is an excellent source of cancellous bone with a dual blood supply directly to the bone from the DCIA and via the internal oblique through the ascending branch. The best use of the flap is with internal oblique muscle to provide a natural oral lining or grafted muscle. A composite flap without a perforator option is now less commonly used but the perforator option allows versatility in a truly chimeric flap with bone muscle and skin for complex orofacial.

The posterior iliac crest offers a rich source of bone marrow and is readily accessible in spine surgery or other procedures utilizing a prone position. Probe the medial and lateral edges of the iliac crest and dock the trocar assembly in the middle of the superficial cortex (Figure 9). Aim the trocar 30° lateral fro The iliac crest is the most common autogenous bone graft donor site, although associated with postoperative pain, functional disability, cosmesis, morphology and surgical satisfaction. We assessed each aspect above by comparing iliac crest reconstruction with bone cement and screws following harvest with no reconstruction. We evaluated patients who underwent large iliac crest harvesting. Iliac Crest Avulsion Fracture in a Young Sprinter 1. Introduction. D. J. Schuett, J. D. Bomar, and A. T. Pennock, Pelvic apophyseal avulsion fractures: a retrospective... 2. Case Report. The patient is a 16-year-old male sprinter; he had no particular medical history. He participates in... 3..

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Browse 188 iliac bone stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. female pelvic bones, illustration - iliac bone stock illustrations . The Skeletal Structures Of A Human Being And Of A Gorilla. hip joint, illustration - iliac bone stock illustrations. Bone marrow, stem cells, hematopoiesis. The bone marrow is located in the bones, mainly in. The Iliac Crest. On a dark and stormy night, an unnamed narrator is visited by two women: one a former lover, the other a stranger. They ruthlessly question their host and claim to know his greatest secret: that he is, in fact, a woman. In increasingly desperate attempts to defend his masculinity, perplexed by the stranger's dubious claims to be. On physical examination, pain in the right iliac crest was found, mainly in the anterior superior iliac spine. Movement of the hip was reduced to -10-30° in the sagittal plain; rotation was impossible. Peripheral sensibility and circulation were regular at all times

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The iliac crest (crest of the ilium) is convex in its general outline but is sinuously curved, being concave inward in front, concave outward behind. It is thinner at the center than at the extremities, and ends in the anterior and posterior superior iliac spines. The surface of the crest is broad, and divided into external and internal lips, and. This article describes the iliac crest flap, which is based on the deep circumflex iliac artery (DCIA). This flap has many of the desirable qualities of an ideal flap for reconstruction of.. Iliac Crest Treatment Rest: The most important way to treat this condition is to rest. Reducing the movement or bending of the hip area gives... Ice: Applying ice on the area where the pain occurs helps to deal with the intensity of the pain. Ice can numb the area... Compression: Using a bandage to.

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The Iliac Crest. 16.95. Cristina Rivera Garza This excavation of forgotten Mexican women writers illustrates how gendered language wields destructive power. Quantity: Add To Cart. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0 . Paperback Edition ISBN: 9781558614352 Publication Date: 10-10-17. Available as an Ebook on: Kindle Nook iBooks Kobo. Translated by Sarah Booker Afterword by Elena Poniatowska. On a. The iliacus muscle is shaped like a triangle, flat and an exact fit of the iliac fossa — the curved surface of the largest pelvic bone. Together with the psoas major muscle, it is also called the iliopsoas muscle.A portion of this muscle is attached to the iliac fossa, two-thirds from its top. Another portion is attached to the inside portion of the iliac crest, the top, outer portion of the. The iliac crest is currently the most common donor site for obtaining autogenous bone graft. We searched the literature to summarize reported complications related to the donation of autogenous. The iliac crest is also considered the most ideal donor site for bone grafting when a large quantity of bone is needed. For example, oral and maxillofacial surgeons will often use iliac crest bone to fill in large osseous defects of the oral cavity caused by severe periodontal disease, excess bone resorption following tooth loss, trauma, or congenital defects including alveolar clefts. The top. Listen to The Iliac Crest on Spotify. Apsis · Single · 2008 · 5 songs

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The iliac crest is one of the most harvested sites other than the fibula, ribs, and ulna. An iliac crest bone graft (ICBG) can supply a larger amount of cortical and cancellous bone than grafts from other donor sites. Pelvic osteotomy is widely used for treating developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. Tricortical structural bone such as that in the ilium is. The Iliac Crest is the kind of book that is so singular in concept and approach that you're either going to click with it, or you're not. Sadly, in my case, it just wasn't meant to be. Though I suspected from the off it was going to be hit or miss, I couldn't resist giving it a go when I read the blurb and got a taste for the bizarre setup and fascinating themes that lay in wait. The. The iliac crest is the top border of the ilium. This is outlined in red in the diagram below. If you put your hand on your waist and press firmly you will feel a boney surface. This is your iliac crest. If you wear a tight belt, it may synch up onto or near your iliac crest Iliac crest is origin of several muscles any of which can be involved sartorius ; tensor fascia lata ; gluteus medius ; abdominal muscles. transverse or oblique muscles ; Presentation: Symptoms pain near iliac crest; Physical exam contusion and hematoma near iliac crest; affected hip weaknes

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The iliac crest includes attachments of hip flexor muscles as well as numerous abdominal and back muscles, also called core muscles. The repetitive motion of running can irritate these points of attachment. Treatment and Prevention How to eliminate hip and iliac-crest pain and prevent a recurrence depends on the source of the pain, but there are a number of general strategies to follow even if. In glenoid defects greater than 20%, due to recurrent shoulder dislocation, I prefer to do anatomical surgery with the iliac crest graft. The anatomy is preserved, I do not injure the coracoid process or the subscapularis, it does not require screws and if it fails, I have the alternative of a non-anatomical surgery such as the Latarjer. Only in high-performance athletes and contact sports, I make a Latarjet surgery Pure iliac crest fractures do not compromise the stability of the pelvic ring and are mainly treated conservatively. Open reduction and fixation is normally performed in cases when: persistent pain (does not subside within 1-3 weeks) X-rays show increasing displacement; there is significant displacement in active and healthy patients ; Great care should be taken to exclude acetabular fractures. The iliac crest forms the most prominent portion of the ilium, the largest of three bones that comprise the hip bone or bony pelvis. It is the curved portion at the top of the hip that lies close to the skin and forms the wing-like part on the pelvis on which a person will sometimes rest their hands. Iliac crest pain can also extend to other parts of the body, including the abdomen, back, and. Complications of Iliac Crest: Bone Graft Harvesting David H. Kim Yoon S. Chun Alexander R. Vaccaro Alan S. Hilibrand Todd J. Albert INTRODUCTION Autogenous iliac crest bone graft has long been considered the gold standard source of bone graft for spinal fusion surgery, providing more rapid and reliable fusion than allograft bone in a variet iliac crest bone n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (anatomy: edge of the pelvis) cresta ilíaca loc nom f locución nominal femenina: Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como sustantivo femenino (casa de citas, zona cero, arma secreta)

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